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Sweet Lily Sparkles

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Inspired by my favourite sweets, my Jewellery collection features a range of yummy treats in bright and fun colours. All of my Jewellery has been handmade by myself unless otherwise stated. As they are handmade they may vary slightly to the pictures as each piece is unique.



We have changed the way we process orders, going forward all orders will be posted no later than the next working day. We will have a separate order book for custom orders which will take slightly longer. If you require something that is out of stock please contact us for an order form.



To guarantee your orders in time for Christmas please place it by the 18th December. Custom orders need to be placed by Monday 25th November to ensure they arrive in time. Please email info@sweetlilysparkles.co.uk if you have a special request.





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Find us on Twitter: @SweetLilySparkl











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